Properties ISOPROFILE window frames are composed of solid or finger jointed hardwood scantlings with a core of T.P.P insulation. This combination results for a 90 mm thickness fixed window constructed from Dark Red Meranti with a 25 mm thickness T.P.P insulation layer in a Uf-value of 0.77W/m2K and for an openable window with the same properties applies 0.80W/m2K.

By making use of the technique of gluing and finger joints, we are more succesfully check the stability, mechanical strength and the moisture content which, in turn, will deliver a better product. In this way, ISOPROFILE can use a much lager percentage of the tree, including short and narrow timber which ultimately leads to a much lower percentage of deforestation.

T.P.P Isolator

The T.P.P insulator is made of recycled PET material that is produced CO2 free and is therefore very environmentally friendly. The good insulation values of wood and the CO2-neutral T.P.P insulator are a perfect match to create scantlings which results in a very good thermal/acoustic insulation and stability. The T.P.P insulation materials have a very long lifespan since they are not subject to aging.

  • Maximum durability and resistance;
  • Even under the influence of moisture and frost;
  • Resistant to ammonia;
  • Minimal dimensional deviation;
  • High pressure resistance and no aging.

The table below expresses per timber specie, the density in kilograms per cubic meter, the durability class encompassed by the European standard BS EN 350-2 and the thermal conductivity in W/m2K.

Timber specie Density kg/m3 Durability class Λ-Value W/m2K
Afzelia 800-850 I 0,18
Larch 580-630 III 0,13
Iroko 650-700 I 0,15
Oak 700-800 III 0,18
Padauk 700-850 I 0,16
DRM Nemesu 680-750 II 0,16
DRM Seraya 500-600 III 0,13
Swietenia 520-620 II 0,13
Bondu 700-750 III 0,15

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