Wood with an ecological certificate guarantees that the wood comes from a sustainably managed forest. We obtain all our imported hardwood from forests that are managed in a responsible way so that the entire ecosystem will be preserved.

EU Timber Regulation

Since 3 March 2013, the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) is in effect to stop the circulation of illegally logged wood in the European Union. As a trader we are legally obliged to ensure that our wood products are not from illegal logging. ISOPROFILE takes the lead and does more than the legal requirements.

CEN/TS 13307-2

ISOPROFILE uses the technique of gluing and finger joints according to the CEN/TS 13 307-2 standard. This certificate specifies the requirements for laminated and finger jointed timber blanks and semi-finished profiles for non-structural uses in hardwood and softwood. ISOPROFILE cooperates with recognized and accredited technical centers in Europe to verify the mechanical strength and durable bond on a regular basis.

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