The challenge to build more energy efficient and the continuous tightening of the energy requirements by the government forms the starting point of ISOPROFILE. It is quite common that buildings have good thermal insulation elements such as façade insulation and double/triple glazing but the window frame suffers too much heat loss.

It is therefore not surprising that people focus more and more on optimizing the thermal performance of window frames. ISOPROFILE solves the heat leak problem whih in turn decreases the energy consumption dramatically.

European approach to climate change

The European Union member states have conceived the ambitious plan to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions as well as the energy consumption drastically by 2020. Therefore EU regulations will require energy-neutral construction and renovation.

From 2021 on, all new homes must be built in accordance with the NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) standard. This standard will be applied to government buildings two years earlier. By Building according to the NZEB, the lowest possible energy consumption in homes and buildings will be achieved by using proper insulation measures. Using ISOPROFILE is then an essential element.

Why should you choose for ISOPROFILE?

  • ISOPROFILE prevents loss of heat via the windows and doors;
  • This results in lower heating bills and optimal energy performace;
  • Traditional processing: sawing, planing, dust extraction and combustion as solid rafters;
  • Excellent T.P.P insulator: light weight and high mechanical stability;
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation with uniform U-Value;
  • Made entirely from recycled PET material;
  • ISOPROFILE increases lifetime of joinery significantly compared to classical softwood, PVC or aluminum which is good for the environment;
  • Very low carbon footpring compared to PVC or aluminum joinery;

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